Our aims - terms of reference

Overall aim


To make recommendations on how Newcastle can become a world-leader in managing waste, with less impact on the environment and at an affordable cost.




  1. With input from communities and partners, develop long-term, ambitious approaches to ensure:

    • Waste is reduced wherever possible

    • Recycling and re-use is maximised

    • We get as much value as possible from waste

    • Where prevention, reuse or recycling are not possible, we maximise recovery through waste to energy.

  2. Highlight the best examples of reducing and managing waste, considering their costs and benefits.

  3. Look at ways to encourage communities to take pride in their neighbourhoods.

  4. Explore how we can encourage behaviour-change in relation to waste.

  5. Take account of changing trends (e.g. in population, the economy and society)

  6. Reach beyond council services into other partners and even beyond the city.

  7. Think about how we can influence a wide range of functions and services – for example development code on waste and recycling.

  8. Advise on how we create stronger partnership working on waste.




Initially, the Commission will focus on Newcastle. However, we will be happy to share our findings and explore how other places could get involved.