Wise on Waste team
Mar 24, 2017

What would help you recycle more?


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Kari Marie Best
Apr 6, 2017

Ability to recycle wider range of recyclable items in blue kerb side recycling bin. Also consistency across local authorities as to what can/cannot be recycled.

Linda Cruickshank
May 4, 2017

Provide more recycling bins. None of the blocks of flats where I live has any recycling facilities, yet only 5 minutes' walk away, it is a different story. Consequently, most residents here throw recyclables in with their other rubbish.

May 5, 2017

Be much clearer about what can be recycled with some explanation about what can't. There is a huge amount of recyclable material we are not allowed to recycle.

Ian Speight
May 5, 2017

The time has come to start fineing people who do not recycle.There can be no excuses.People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Steve Osfield
May 5, 2017

It is a bit of a joke having a wise on waste team when some high up official in Newcastle City Council unilaterally (that is without consent) has imposed communal bins throughout a large area of the West of the City -mostly in areas struggling with problems of litter -mainly but not always caused by our EU brethren - that I will now have to put my recycling into a communal dumpster only to have some lazy scum use the same recycling bin for general household waste -thus making the recycled materials contaminated -makes me really angry, but then the City council has consistently let every down with regard to waste management -and don't trot out the line that Ncle has one of the best recycling rates, it might have had but once you impose dumpsters you won't.

Kieth Maddison
May 5, 2017

Larger blue bins, and a greater range of thing we could recycle. The garden waste collection should be free like it was before.

Jun 7, 2017

We used to be able to recycle fabrics and offcuts of material in the blue bins for use in industry, but no longer (these are clothes to worn out for charity shops or offcuts of fabric from sewing). My local recycling facility has clothing donation boxes, but no skip/container for fabrics. I would welcome this option back again or even something at the recycling facility.

Rachael May Forde
Jun 16, 2017

Give incentives for recycling. Create recycling points were people can collect points or coupons for recycled materials

David Robinson
Jun 21, 2017

We need plastic bag recycling centres. Personally I think all shops that provide plastic bags should also provide this service. Simply being able to put them in the blue bin would be great.

Jun 26, 2017

We should be able to recycle more plastic than just bottles. Food packaging, plastic bags, textiles, for example.

Jul 3, 2017

We should be allowed to recycle plastic other than bottles, eg yoghurt pots and mushroom cartons, using our blue bins. I rang Newcastle City Council last week and was told there there are no locations in Newcastle where this can be done, so was advised to check whether I could take my other plastic recyclables to Gateshead. Not good enough, in my opinion.

Hugh Macknight
Oct 3, 2017

Get rid of the communal recycling bins - make sure instead everybody has a blue recycling wheelybin and a caddy - but keep the communal landfill bins.


The communal recycling bins are dirty and very difficult to use. You need to be 6ft or taller and have three arms - one to hold up the mucky, heavy blue lid, one to hold your bag of recycling (which must not itself go into the recycling) and one to sort / bin your recycling. I do not have three arms.


This makes recycling each individual household's responsibility. And it makes it easier. What you have done is to make it almost impossible, physically, to recycle - so people just won't bother.



Steve Osfield
Oct 3, 2017

Yes agree in part with the above -many older people cannot access these stupid communal bins they are being used improperly -scum throwing rubbish bags on top of whatever bin is nearest, others too lazy to walk 5 yards to a bin. Scrap the system and re-introduce both individual blue and general waste bins -marked with house number and full enforcement, bins taken in after collection and only put out on collection days - if it works in Gateshead surely the idiots at Newcastle council can do the same -but they don't want to they just want to make Newcastle into one big dumpster. Additionally cleansing department crews are leaving communal in the road where they are a hazard to traffic, they are also being used a makeshift toilets and make good cover for various criminal activities -such as robbery and prostitution

New Posts
  • yengismh
    Sep 1, 2017

    Can anyone explain why the council wasted money putting new bottle caddies in the blue bins when I watched the collector empty the caddy into the main blue bin before emptying the bin into the wagon?? I would appreciate an answer from the council!!
  • bythellv
    Nov 28, 2017

    Newcastle recycles fewer types of plastic compared with most other local authorities in the UK. We should make more effort to increase the proportion of plastics that can be recycled.
  • andymac
    Jul 18, 2017

    I saved up all my cardboard over 6 months and took it to the council tip only to watch it all go straight in the back of a bin lorry with mixed waste - straight to landfill, presumably since the cardboard compactor was broken / full. Won't be wasting my time doing that again. How about the council sorts it's act out and leads by example? Would it have been so hard to temporarily store the cardboard in another skip until the cardboard compactor had been emptied? What sort of message do you think the council are sending to people trying to do their bit for recycling when you see something like this happening?