Jul 18, 2017

How about the council set an example?


I saved up all my cardboard over 6 months and took it to the council tip only to watch it all go straight in the back of a bin lorry with mixed waste - straight to landfill, presumably since the cardboard compactor was broken / full. Won't be wasting my time doing that again. How about the council sorts it's act out and leads by example? Would it have been so hard to temporarily store the cardboard in another skip until the cardboard compactor had been emptied? What sort of message do you think the council are sending to people trying to do their bit for recycling when you see something like this happening?

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  • yengismh
    Sep 1, 2017

    Can anyone explain why the council wasted money putting new bottle caddies in the blue bins when I watched the collector empty the caddy into the main blue bin before emptying the bin into the wagon?? I would appreciate an answer from the council!!
  • bythellv
    Nov 28, 2017

    Newcastle recycles fewer types of plastic compared with most other local authorities in the UK. We should make more effort to increase the proportion of plastics that can be recycled.
  • darleyplace_residents_unite
    Jul 14, 2017

    i live in a little cul-de-sac of 11 homes. only half recycle properly. one day i saw a neighbour put a box full of recyle rubbish in the green bin. i asked them why when the blue bin is empty? they said they did not care. i told them they were starting spot checks and fines straight out benefits and wages to people who "dont care" they now use their bin. get people to sign a form agreeing to recycle properly if they dont fine them. simple as take out their wages or benefits