May 5, 2017

Leave it at the shop!


Leave excess packaging at the shops. They will soon start reducing excess packaging when they have the responsibility to dispose of it correctly

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  • bythellv
    Jul 25, 2017

    Would it be possible to persuade postal delivery companies to collect used but clean/undamaged packaging (at the same time as they make deliveries) for re-use?
  • nat44cana
    May 8, 2017

    As many cartons and papers-wrapping are now laminated with a very thin plastic, they are not recyclable. To put a small levy on such wrapping/packing materials, will in crease recycling. The fee for this has to collected from the manufacturer, as it is to cost-intensive to collect it from the users.
  • kda
    May 24, 2017

    The council needs to offer incentives to move businesses to a more sustainable footing. What about a green enterprise zone to attract start-ups in the green economy too? For example, if a company is taking waste materials and turning them into biodegradable/re-usable packaging material: attract them to Newcastle and get them supplying local businesses.