What other forms of waste are there? Tell us your bright ideas for dealing with waste.

Jan 6, 2018

is there to be action in either replacing the bins that were removed from the green spaces or having a plan for the removal of the rubbish that is now present. simply expecting people to walk further
Oct 20, 2017

How on earth is the Council going to tackle increasing rubbish when existing bins are removed and then replaced with fewer bins. In Walbottle there used to be at least 6 bins that I can recall, now
Jul 18, 2017

I don't think there are enough recycling bins in the city center.
Jul 10, 2017

Bins being removed from Byker Priory green. One bin for dog poo used to get used and filled to the top, wrote about getting a bigger one as it was only a normal household bin with a hole in the top bu
William Munro
Jun 20, 2017

David Hardman
Jun 15, 2017

How about setting up a group of users and inetersted people who are not the great and the good for once? Where is the representation of the people on this initiative? Where is the representation of gr
Jun 14, 2017

1 -Wheelie bin on the street only on the day of the collection.   2 -more containers of litter, (Elswick needs). 3 - Applying penalties for throwing garbage to the ground. 4 -World Day Earth to introd
Jun 5, 2017

Whta is becoming obvious from Community litter picks is that this is a huge problem. Automatic machines do not appear to be solving the problem and some say they merely push the rubbish to the side of
May 19, 2017

Good source of information and ideas for sustainable waste management - best practice from other cities in Europe and the world
May 8, 2017

As long as the users see the pictures of un-flattened pizza-boxes, soft-drink-bottles, cans etc .. , they will fill the bins with AIR, and the bins will always be not big enough. On the bins and the
Mingai Zhu
Nov 10, 2017

The council has not made the most out of this website. Not many people know it. Also only a few posts here. There is also a lack of follow-up of the Commission’s progress and any further related event
Sep 25, 2017

Municipal enterprise and wholesale-style co-operatives are needed to tackle some of the issues facing the waste commission. For example, can Newcastle City Council co-operative with other councils to
Darren Knutsen
Jul 15, 2017

stop mistreating fineing certain shops and not others go watch wat goes in bins proply from certain shops and took away from yous for free as council walks round blind to some and wide open to others
Al Rob Gordon
Jun 29, 2017

Living in an area densely populated by students, around this time of year when students pack up and head home there appears to be an increased amount of waste and fly tipping. Abandoned duvets and pap
Kerry Mo
Jun 17, 2017

All bins missing beside byker mcdonalds, the chippy, library and pool Why have council removed these bins? no wonder its a tip If this was heaton, jesmond, gosforth theyd have bins next to every f
Jun 15, 2017

Although I'm from the Toon, I'm living in Groningen, NL for the year. The system for waste collection here uses underground disposal bins. To use them you have a chipcard, which tracks how much waste
Jun 13, 2017

Back in Liverpool we have Bulky Bob's which deals with free bulky item removal from the home. They make the council money by upcycling and renovatio I think. Big purple van for the city's council colo
May 25, 2017

Waste isn't an isolated problem: it's the system and lifestyles that lead to waste that need to be tackled directly. This recent radio program gives a reasonable account of the problem: http://www.bbc
David Clark
May 18, 2017

I live in High Heaton and when I walk the kids to school in the morning I quite often pick up rubbish and sadly dog poo with a view to putting it in the bin. Unfortunately the council have removed the
Apr 28, 2017